Our Specialist Groups are run by active members who are qualified experts in their given field. The Groups provide further opportunities for members to talk, share knowledge and exchange ideas on current issues, at the same time helping participating firms promote their international credentials in the local marketplace.

Members can leverage expertise from each other 

Members of our organisation leverage expertise from each other by using the practice group microsites when talking with local communities and pitching for new work.  Specialist Group microsites are implemented by MGI世界wide with CPAAI.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in joining one of our Specialist Groups please contact our Business Development Manager, 尼基林恩 尼基



Our global reach offers instructing lawyers a choice of experienced accountancy expert witnesses situated in the UK, 欧洲大陆, 北美和其他地区.  

For more information please visit our og体育官网司法会计 Group microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go 在这里

合并 & 收购集团

Our global reach offers those wishing to buy or sell businesses an unrivalled ability to access specialist expertise locally while being able to identify potential targets throughout the UK, 欧洲大陆, 北美, 非洲, 南美洲和其他地方. 

For more information please visit our og体育官网并购 & 收购集团 microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go在这里

International Financial Reporting (国际财务报告准则) Group 

Our team of Global 国际财务报告准则 Specialists deal with International Financial Reporting Standards (国际财务报告准则) on a daily basis, 分享知识和最佳实践, and ensure the correct application of 国际财务报告准则 on a globally consistent basis. 

For more information please visit our og体育官网国际财务报告准则专家组 microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go 在这里


Our global reach offers high net worth and highly mobile individuals and their families access to specialist expertise throughout the UK, 欧洲, 北美, 南美洲和其他地方.

For more information, please visit our og体育官网家庭办公室 Group microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go 在这里


VAT legislation is complex and constantly evolving. Our experienced indirect tax experts provide a centre of excellence in the field of VAT & 世界各地的习俗. 除了合规问题, these experts can answer any day-to-day questions as well as assist you, 等, with the correct qualification of transactions, 评估合同, VAT audits and setting up processes together with creating manuals and guidelines. Let them be your outsourced indirect tax team.

For more information, please visit our og体育官网增值税集团 microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go 在这里


Transfer pricing is an important tax area due to many changes in the international tax landscape.  These changes have consequences for all groups operating globally.  Our global transfer pricing experts are available to ensure that compliance is readily addressed and, 用正确的方法, is robust and managed cost-effectively.

For more information, please visit our og体育官网转移定价集团 microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go 在这里


在今天的og体育官网市场, more and more businesses are seconding or relocating staff internationally. The benefits of having experienced team members in key overseas locations are undeniable. 然而, dealing effectively and efficiently with the often complex taxation and social security issues can be a challenge.  With extensive knowledge and experience, our cross border taxation service can provide authoritative advice and support, ensuring you’re compliant with all relevant local and international legislation. They can also help with tax planning to minimise your liabilities.

For more information, please visit our og体育官网移动集团 microsite, and to contact our experts worldwide, go 在这里


We always look firmly to the future and seek new ideas to make sure being a member adds value and helps our members do more and better business.

If you are interested in becoming a member please complete a 会员查询表格.