og体育官网家庭办公室 Specialist Group

Our global reach offers high net worth 和 highly mobile individuals 和 their families access to specialist expertise throughout the UK, 欧洲, 北美, 南美洲和其他地方.

MGI世界wide og体育官网家庭办公室A team of trusted advisors throughout the world – y我们的 one point of contact

From managing real estate 和 other investments in various locations worldwide to advice on how to structure the ownership of these assets in the best way possible to legally minimise taxes, 我们的 specialist og体育官网家庭办公室 experts can help maintain 和 protect a family’s assets against corrupt regimes, taxation authorities 和 the dissipation of assets by family members.  

Helping you preserve y我们的 family wealth across generations

我们理解,每个家庭都不一样 和 so we pride ouselves in offering a truly personalised service to serve the entire family’s financial affairs, 无论在 world you need it.

Specialist expertise in family 财富管理 和 protection

Our og体育官网家庭办公室 team of advisors helps family offices with a whole range of support 和 advice, providing specialist services from 家族治理,信托及企业服务,资产持有,税收筹划,财富管理 和 财富规划to慈善组织和慈善事业.

Support with relocation 和 other associated services

The availability of specialist expertise in the various areas of accountancy across 我们的 global network means we can also assist with relocation 和 other associated services; for example, 移民的建议, 日常会计, property 和 staff management - including the provision of payroll - 和 support with family needs, such as finding school places, paying school fees 和 communicating with local professionals 和 other family office advisors across 我们的 global accounting network.

MGIog体育官网与CPAAI team of og体育官网家庭办公室 Experts deal with Family Office matters on a daily basis, share knowledge 和 best practices in their local country 和 around the world.

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