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Our organisation is committed to going further to help independent firms like yours make the most of being part of a global accountancy network so you can develop and improve, and grow your business to serve your clients better through membership.

We take time to get to know you and your firm

MGI Worldwide is extremely proud to be one of the only global accounting networks to offer dedicated support to make sure your business gets the most out of membership.

MGI Worldwide Marketing Resource  

We offer members marketing, communications and engagement support relating to our organisation - helping you to maximise your membership to MGI Worldwide to the full. 

Whether your firm is large or small, we are committed to helping you. As part of an initial consultation, we will review your marketing and communications to identify opportunities and action points so that you can get more out of your global network membership. 

We strongly believe in investing our time and resources in getting to know you and your firm. We aim to build strong and lasting relationships with each of our firms, encouraging you to engage with the network and providing the support you need to take full advantage of being a member of the global network. 

Members that join our organisation recognise the benefits of using membership more actively in their firm marketing, and with this dedicated service, we can help you achieve the same.

“I really enjoyed the phone call with
 MGI Worldwide marketing team.  It was very insightful and motivating. My staff and I are excited to implement the suggested changes to our website. Wonderful, thank-you!”
Erin Edwards - Canada

"Our talk concentrated on how my firm can grow, how I can reach out to more and more clients. In General, how my firm could benefit from membership. I was very impressed particularly by the comments about our website, it showed you had a lot of interest in us and our growth."
Felix Kimoli - Kenya

To find out more about joining our leading global accounting network, and how you can benefit from this dedicated service, please speak to your MGI Worldwide Regional Director or contact MGI Worldwide International Marketing Director

If you would like to talk to us about membership of MGI Worldwide, informally and without commitment, please fill in and submit a membership enquiry

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