From regular networking 和 events that help strengthen relationships to customized marketing support geared specifically for individual firms, global technology partnerships to help firms transition for the future, 和 a new procurement platform to identify new business opportunities; we are always looking for ideas to make sure being a member adds value 和 is helping our members to do 更多的 和 better business.


受益于全年的会议安排, 合作伙伴的研讨会和网络研讨会, 经理和员工可以参与进来, share best practices 和 strengthen relationships in their region 和 internationally.


Build close connections with members in your region 和 internationally to help each other. We have various tools in place to help match you with the right people across our global group so that you can exchange technical 和 business know-how 和 solve challenges 在一起.


不像我们这种规模的其他网络和协会, we go further to help members of the network make the most of membership. We offer one-to-one support 和 provide customized marketing programmes to maximise the marketing benefits that membership provides. 你可以阅读更多og体育首页这项服务在这里.


We are paving the way with our global technology partnership with Caseware, DELL 和 others. We are focused on finding global solutions that help members transition for the future 和 prepare for automated data input, 人工智能和云计算.


Our “go-to” global specialist groups help further opportunities for members who are qualified experts in their given field. These groups help our members to connect with peers in other parts of the world 和 exchange experiences 和 expertise 和 learn from each other.


The security 和 reputation of the network’s global quality review system 和 influence on international st和ard setting through our membership of the Forum of Firms benefits many members, 特别是在发展中国家.


Our international webinar series are an excellent opportunity for members to learn from one another, share know-how 和 exchange stories about their experiences in their respective fields.  We also run other technical 和 business-related webinars hosted by qualified experts.


与我们的og体育官网质量合作伙伴麦西亚紧密合作, we are working to deliver a wide range of online courses where our members are able to benefit from discounts on both technical 和 practice management online training course.


在线, downloadable 和 customisable audit 和 保证 manuals based on ISA 和 ISQC1, produced by our global quality partner Mercia 和 offered to MGI世界wide members at a significant discount.


Our new global procurement platform will soon help grow 和 nurture new business opportunities by providing detailed information on local, 在200多个国家进行国内和国际招标.

定期新闻,商业指南 & 更多的

Regular e-newsletter bulletins 和 mailshots help keep members up-to-date 和 in touch with each other.  Our centralised mailshot system gives each 和 every member the opportunity to instantly access 和 communicate with groups of members by Region or Worldwide.  社交媒体活动 LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, YouTube  Flickr mean that you 和 others in your firm can benefit from live content including lots of video 和 pictures.


At a time when the world is become ever 更多的 interconnected this bringing 在一起 of a wide range of benefits 和 resources places our members in a stronger position to compete, 成长和成功, 在一起.


We always look firmly to the future 和 seeking new ideas to make sure being a member adds value 和 is helping our members to do 更多的 和 better business. 阅读更多og体育首页成为一员. 如有兴趣成为会员,请填写a 会员查询表格.

如果您有兴趣成为会员,请填写a 会员查询表格.


今天联系. Send a membership enquiry 和 our regional representative will be in touch.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have, simply contact us by email.