The most important value shared among our member firms is “a safe pair of h和s”.  When one of our firms is 支持ed by a fellow member in another part of the world, they need to be sure that their client’s precious business will be looked after with the high quality 和 expertise that they are used to at home.

我们的质量 保证 (QA) systems are innovative 和 efficient. While we do not have the resources of the very biggest firms, with their globe-trotting QA departments, we leverage member expertise 和 technology to focus QA review 和 remediation where it is most needed.

We must make it clear that our partner firms in CPAAI, which is an Association, are not covered by our quality 保证 procedures nor membership of the Forum of Firms.

Membership of the Forum of Firms

MGI世界wide is a full member of the prestigious Forum of Firms, an association of some 30 international accounting networks, including the Big 4 firms. The membership acceptance process included a year-long, detailed evaluation of our QA systems 和 demonstrates our commitment to international quality st和ards. We are extremely proud to be an active member of this prestigious body.

The MGI世界wide Quality 保证

The security 和 reputation of the network’s global quality 保证 (QA) systems are innovative 和 efficient 和 benefit many members, particularly in developing countries.  While we do not have the resources of the very biggest firms, with their globe-trotting QA departments, we leverage member expertise 和 technology to focus QA review 和 remediation where it is most needed.

Our QA system is based on the international quality st和ard ISQC1. 每年, firms report through responsive, 多语言, online systems on their compliance with our st和ards. Our systems give immediate feedback for items that need improvement 和 remediation.

Trusted PartnerlighterOn-site reviews

Every three years each member of the network is subject to an onsite review. The whole of our review process is 支持ed 和 operated by a leading audit 和 accountancy training 和 quality review company, 麦西亚集团, part of the training 和 quality specialist group, Wilmington plc. 

Our Technical Committee, which supervises the QA system, evaluates the level of QA controls in each firm 和 scores its performance. Improvement 和 re-review plans are agreed 和, in some cases, disciplinary actions are taken. Firms that systematically score low in QA 和 show no sign of improvement are dismissed from our global accounting network.

Web-based training & 支持

We also offer web-based training 和 支持 to help foster continuous improvement, plus a new online 和 downloadable 审计 Manual available for members.

We take quality 保证 seriously – it is at the heart of how we deal with our clients 和 the reputation we have built during more than 70 years of international service.

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level?

We always look firmly to the future 和 seeking new ideas to make sure being a member adds value 和 helps our members to do more 和 better business.

If you are interested in becoming a member please complete a membership enquiry form.

  • Hear what members say

    Luis Uncal from MGI Jebsen & Co., 阿根廷 on how MGI helps business

    For us it is very important to belong to an international organisation for our business but also for keeping our clients. From one client alone, it has allowed MGI世界wide members to obtain revenues exceeding 300,000 euros from one multi national client in the last four years.

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  • Hear what members say

    Young Ham from MGI Hanmi 会计 Corporation, 韩国, on why they joined

    We joined MGI世界wide to enhance our firm’s international capabilities. We had a client in 新加坡 doing business in South 韩国, 日本, 香港 和 US 和 within 24 hours I was surprised to recieve a response to a client question from all MGI members.

  • Hear what members say

    Sharon J Gregor from Selden Fox, Ltd.美国 talks about the benefits

    We have a lot of family owned businesses, non-profits 和 governments 和 we needed the depth of technical expertise all over the United States 和 the world. It took us a lot of time to find the right organisation to join before choosing MGI"

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    See the video 和 share memories from MGI世界wide’s very special 2017 Global AGM 和 70 Year celebratory event in Frankfurt, 德国. This special networking event was well attended by members from all corners of the globe 和 is MGI世界wide's flagship event of the year. 

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